Monday, October 27, 2008


This comic was different to read than Blankets and Fun home. It when back and forth in time rapidly and sometimes randomly but was easy to understand and follow. I found it interesting the way the book started, with the father and son art talking and discussing simple things. I liked how the book had the historical sence and the after effect and personaly story of how and why the book got written. The book was also informative, because I knew little about the Haulocause before I read this. I found it interesting how different Art's father was before during and after (presently) the Haulocaust. I liked How the character's were mice and cats. Not only did this represent preteter and pray, but also allowed the reader to relate to the character's better because they were not detailed. Like in understanding comics says the reader can rlate more to an abstract character that does not have alot of detail or facial features.

FUn home second half

After she finds out about the fathers death on page 27 the kids all show similar faces, emotionless with the same dot for a mouth. The mouth is significant thorughout the book of her father it is a dot the whole way through. the first time it changes is when he is with his gay student rob, then the father gets a quick smirk. Also when Bechdel comes out, he changes from a stern dot for a mouth to a smirk as well. His facial lines also seem more warm and les sern then before. The ties Bechdel has between her father and famous authors like Camus and Proust are interesting. However i cannot fully appreciate the paralles she draws between her fathers life and their work because i have never read any of their novels.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blankets second half

Raina is an interesting character not only because of the way she is drawn but also the way Thompson talks about her. Every character Thompson has drawn up until Raina has been illustrated using sharp jagged edges, not a lot of curves making the characters more intimidating and cold. Even Thompson Portrays himself this way. However Raina is drawn using curves and little shading, making her look pure accurately depicting the way he saw her when he first met her. Raina's home situation is sad. Her mother doesn't know how to raise her kids, and relys on Raina and the father too much. It was surprising to see how the two familys compared. Although both familys are extremely religious, Raina's father and Thompsons fahter are exact opposites. Raina's father is compationate and wants to work out the relationship with his wife. In Contrast Thompson's father is illistrated as a huge intimidating figure and locked the little brother in the closet in the beggining of the book. I didnt enjoy the end of the book. It just seemed to end, although realistic, I would of enjoyed a different ending.

blankets first half

Blankets is illustrated much differently than funhome. Bechdel and Thompson's unique styles of illustration in conjunction with writing make the books really different reads. With Thompson I felt myself realting more with the pictures and not as much with the text. While Bechtells Funhome illistrates then gives dialogue then explains the dialoque and reiterates what had happened in the scene, Thompson's approach is alot more simple. Thompson only explains with words when needed. His pictures tell more of a story than his words. Also Thompson uses only black ink, while Bechtel used a deppressing pale blue. Thompson uses abstract imiges to convey his mesages and emotions.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun home

Allison Bechdel starts off the book with a fond memory of her father. The first page shows her father playing airplane with her only to be interrupted by his obsession of fixing the house. It then goes into how her whole childhood revolved around her fathers fixation on home improvement and gardening. She shows and tells about her father begin a serious man by using both description and the picture of him always with harsh shapes making up his face and bone structure but also the dot for a tightened mouth. On page 22 when he is washing her his face has jagged shapes and she has a rounded body and softer curves witch represents their personality.