Monday, October 27, 2008


This comic was different to read than Blankets and Fun home. It when back and forth in time rapidly and sometimes randomly but was easy to understand and follow. I found it interesting the way the book started, with the father and son art talking and discussing simple things. I liked how the book had the historical sence and the after effect and personaly story of how and why the book got written. The book was also informative, because I knew little about the Haulocause before I read this. I found it interesting how different Art's father was before during and after (presently) the Haulocaust. I liked How the character's were mice and cats. Not only did this represent preteter and pray, but also allowed the reader to relate to the character's better because they were not detailed. Like in understanding comics says the reader can rlate more to an abstract character that does not have alot of detail or facial features.

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Lauren K. Hansen said...

Yes! I agree that this book could have been confusing, but the author uses transitions very well to keep us aware of time and place.