Monday, December 1, 2008

Thompson pages

Blankets is illustrated much differently than any of the other graphic novels we have read. Thompson's unique styles of illustration in conjunction with writing makes the book really detailed and interesting . With Thompson I felt myself realting more with the pictures and not as much with the text. On page 60 there is an abstract one panel picture of thompson almost throwing up what seems to be his bad memories. Coming from his mouth are monster looking things. This technique of drawing what he feels instead of writing it works well for Thompson. While Bechtells Funhome illistrates then gives dialogue then explains the dialoque and reiterates what had happened in the scene, Thompson's approach is alot more simple. Thompson only explains with words when needed. His pictures tell more of a story than his words. Another interesting page is page 127. IT is a picture without borders which Understanding comics' McCloud says displays a scence of timelessnes. It is again an abstract picture of the arcade room being surrounded by the letters "HuMMMMMM" and the text is telling about a warm pur that wraps around the room. On page 129 is a simple yet effective picture of only THompson and RAina. The picture is warm and heartfelt. Thompson uses abstract imiges to convey his mesages and emotions.

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